Happy Birthday, Kiwi!

It's our girl, Kiwi's, birthday today! Nine years ago, the cutest, craziest, sweetest, snobbiest little puppy was born and we couldn't be more lucky than to have Kiwi in our family! When Kiwi was a puppy, she was extremely naughty! She would chew the banisters, ate batteries, chewed the Christmas lights, and other very naughty, … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Kiwi!


Staff Question of the Week

This week, I asked our staff what their top three favorite things about working with dogs were. We got some similar answers, but all for different reasons! Alex:  1. PUPPY CUDDLES!!! No matter what mood I'm in when I get to work, as soon as there's dogs jumping all over each other to say hi to … Continue reading Staff Question of the Week

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all the dogs (and humans) who were born in February! Here's a pup to help celebrate you! We hope that you have a wonderful year and that every wish you make comes true (yes, even the wishes about bones!) Here is a list of all our February birthdays! Lettie                            Jack Ginger Banek             Winston … Continue reading Happy Birthday!