Pawsome Pup of the Week!

wyatt 2wyatt 3

Hello! Welcome to the section of the blog where your pup could be featured!

This week the Pawsome Pup of the Week is Wyatt Burp!

Wyatt is a white Westie, though he does not ever actually stay white! He is an adorable little dude who loves to play, chase balls around, and howl with tennis balls and at sirens when they go by in his mouth! One of his favorite activities is to sleep with his tongue sticking out!

His name derives from the fact that he burps a lot when he eats! His favorite color is blue.

In a recent conversation with one of our staff members, Shelby, he has admitted to wanting to be a dentist, but also wants to volunteer as a fire fighter and howl along with the sirens!  

Well, that’s paw for now! Tune in early next week for a poll on who should be Pawsome Pup of the Week! Aroo!



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