Pawsome Pup of the Week Nominations

We asked our staff who we thought were the Pawsome Pups of the Week, and here are the nominations!tinker

Tinker–. She’s unique looking, she’s playful, and she’s cuddly.  She’s playful, goofy and such a sweet cuddler. Not to mention she’s an adorable like midget.  Melts my heart.

(Nominated by Megan and Tabatha!)

Wesley-Wesley because he’s frickin’ adorable, he’s so snuggly, he gets along with everyone, he was a scary shark for Halloween, and he’s a little gentlemen.  (Nominated by  Shelby!) wesley




Katy- 1) because she’s seemingly adaptable to new situations. E.g. she’s calmed down somewhat even since she’s gotten here. And 2) she’s pretty smart…her recall has improved since she’s gotten here. And finally: she’s cute! (Nominated by Ginina!)katy


Lulu–  Lulu is fat and wears it well. She loves to snuggle and she listens well and lets everyone sit on her. But don’t mess with her stick. (Nominated by Bethany!)


Comment who you think is the best dog of the week and whoever gets the most votes wins Pawsome Pup of the Week and gets automatically put into the running for Pawsome Pup Of the month!


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