Staff Question of the Week

Hanging out with dogs all day long is the reason we have employees who love to work here at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast. Now, as much as we love dogs, they can do some pretty odd things sometimes; so I asked our staff this week what the weirdest thing they experience while working with these crazy dogs all day long. Here are their hilarious answers!

Megan says: ” Picking eye boogers out of dogs eyes and wiping it on my jeans.” (Um, ew!)

Ginina says: ” As far as I’m concerned, the weirdest thing about working with dogs is how disturbingly comfortable I’ve gotten dog poop. It just doesn’t gross me out anymore, (not even a little bit!). When it gets on my skin (not that I TRY to make that happen!), I just say, “Huh, look at that.” ”

Did you know that one of the daily staff chores is to pick up poop all day? How…fun?

Shelby says: “Having to break up humping conga lines on a daily basis.”

They just want to show their love, right? 😀

Bethany says: “Weirdest thing is definitely how comfortable I am with dogs humping my leg”

They just want to show their love, Bethany!

Tabatha says: “How I feel oddly okay with needing to pull things out their butts”

I mean, okay then!

Well, that’s another look into the fun (and weird) minds of our pawsome employees! Until next time, when we take a look at what their favorite memories are for the past few months they worked at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast!

Happy Howling!



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