Puppy, It’s Cold Outside!

cold dog







Brr! It’s the beginning of January, so that means the temperatures drop pretty quickly around here! Today, the wind chill is -8 degrees! Talk about cold!

What are some ways that you can keep your pups warm on these cold days?

  1. Coats! Make sure that when you take your dogs out, they have a coat on! Even if it is for a few minutes, the coat can keep out some of the chill, just like with humans.
  2. Only go out for five to ten minutes at a time. Think about it! It’s the same philosophy as leaving a dog in a hot car in the summer time. If you can’t stand the cold/heat, neither can they! Shorter amounts of outdoor trips make it so that the pups don’t get too chilly and they can keep themselves warm. (and you don’t have to be out with them either!)
  3. Lots of cuddles! Whether you have a big dog or a small dog, whether they love to cuddle or not, cuddling at night or the day is a fun thing to do, but it makes you warmer and them warmer!

So, those are a few ways that you can keep your pups warm during these frigid days!

Do you have any cold-proof ways that you can share with us to help keep your pets warm here at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast?

Have a Pawsome Day!


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