Staff Question of the Week

We have a lot of fun here at Beagle Bed and Breakfast, especially with our crazy staff! Lots of memories have been made, both with the people and the dogs. With it being the beginning of 2018, I think that it would be fun to talk about what each staff members favorite top three memories of working here at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast!

Bethany says:  When Megan tried to throw Xena a treat into the gate and she missed and it bounced off the house and all over the ground HAHA and carving pumpkins at our October meeting.

Ginina says: My best memory of working at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast… I’d last spring when I was able to successfully stay with the dogs for a week and I was introduced to Shelby and Bethany who turned out to be awesome at  their jobs. I feel like it cemented my faith in myself to do this job. Further, it gave me a new appreciation for what Megan does every day.

Hailey says: I think that working at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast is amazing. We have so many fun activities to do, especially in the summer when I am home. I think that one of my favorite memories was when we had the staff party. We just had an awesome time hanging out and it’s wonderful getting to know all the staff again after being gone for a semester. Another memory I have is when we had all the puppies over Thanksgiving and we would put them through the window, or as we called it the “Puppy Drive Through”.

Just being around these amazing women and dogs makes me happier and I smile so much more!

Megan says:  1. Our Shark Week Birthday Party with Brinxton in a coconut bra and grass skirt
2. Our Christmas party/Secret Santa – I have never known a better group of staff in my life that truly care about each other, always have each other’s backs and are flexible to do whatever needs to be done.
3. Our Photos with Santa event!

Shelby says:  1. Our fall photo shoot 2. When Bethany and I tried to get Boscoe inside and everything went wrong 3. When the puppies would pile on top of me and snuggle

Tabatha says: Memories: our pumpkin carving contest and fall photo shoot, having our puppies and the group together in the basement during nap time, when Aspen “woofed” and scared himself. When Bethany and I had a dance party during nap time haha. Shelby and I as elves during the Santa photos…I have a lot of memories!

So, as you can tell, we have a lot of incredibly fun, goofy memories, but it is our bond as friends and co-workers that helps to make this a fun work environment…happy workers equals happy dogs!

Stay tuned for next weeks question!

Have a Pawsome day!


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