They say that dog is man’s best friend. So if that’s the case, Mom and I have ninety-six best friends!

19904945_10211377612490635_3353697350028135135_nKiwi (Top) Our girls (Clover, Dobby, Kiwi, and Darcie) Bottom




Five years ago, Mom and I already had one dog, Kiwi, and she was really amazing.  One day, we heard about a group called City Dogs Rescue, who was looking for people to foster rescue dogs! There was a beautiful, shy Plott Hound, named Maya, who needed our help.  She became our first foster about five years ago.  As of today, we have fostered ninety-two rescue dogs, most being hounds or beagles, and ended up “foster failing” with three of our fosters. After about a year and a half of fostering dogs, a few families that had adopted from us asked if their dogs could stay with us while they were on vacation.  Word started getting out and our business began to grow!  Beagle Bed & Breakfast was born.


Currently, we are fostering Katy, a two-year old Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Lulamae, who is about a nine-year old beagle.

Katy, also nick-named Katy the Crazy Coonhound, is a very playful girl who wants to run around all day long and enjoys snuggling on your lap (all fifty pounds of her!) At the end of the day, Katy just wants a home where she can have the freedom to run around and get lots of love and attention. Check out Katy’s bio to get to know this crazy, cuddly, coonhound!

(Lulamae left, Katy right)

Now, meet Miss Lulamae! Despite her age, she can be very playful, but lots of the time all she wants is a human lap to cuddle up on and a bowl of food. You can see in her soulfuleyes how much love she has for anyone who comes near her, but you can also see her age in her pretty white face. Anyone who adopts this old girl will get a devoted, loving little woman! Help us spread around this lovable, sweet, old granny! She deserves a good home!  Read more about Lulamae

Apply or share these sweet girls today! They both deserve good homes!


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