More Puppies!

Guess what, dog lovers?! We’re getting more puppies!

Pregnant Mama!


The mother, a beagle, was left at a dollar store in Smythe County, Virginia and she was very heavily pregnant. She was named Pixie by the family of the little girl, so it was decided that the puppies would be named after Peter Pan characters!

The puppies were born yesterday, 1/10/18, and there are seven boys and one girl. The names are:

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, John Darling, Michael Darling, Tick Tock, Jolly Roger, and Wendy Darling.

They will wait until they are about six weeks old and then we will go to pick them up and bring them here to the Beagle Bed and Breakfast! We are very excited to meet these precious little puppies and will look forwards to playing and cuddling them!

What do you think the puppies will end up looking like?

Have a wonderful day!

Mama and her new babies!

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