Pawsome Pup of the Week

Good Morning! Guess what, it’s Friday! Time to lay in bed and nap all day tomorrow, right? No? Fine! Well, Friday also mean–cue drum roll–the Pawsome Pup of the Week! And the winner is–drum roll gets louder–Hugo!

Hugo is a big, crazy lover who loves to run and around and chew…not chase….chew tennis balls. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and despite his size, he is one of the most lovable, gentle giants we have here at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast.

Hugo is about three years old and when his parents adopted him, they thought he was just going to be a regular lab or something…but he just kept growing and growing. Now, he is ninety pounds of pure love and goofiness.

Now, this post is also bittersweet, because at the end of January, our Huge-o is leaving us to go to Boston! We will definitely miss the gentle giant! Mom has already joked about getting her flying license to go get him for daycare every day, because we will miss him so much!

You can usually find Hugo either following Mom around, chewing his favorite tennis ball or napping on someones lap…he thinks he is a huge lapdog!

Well, congratulations on winning Pawsome Pup of the WEek! We will definitely miss this huge lovable guy, but we know he will be happy!

Until next time, Dog Lovers!



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