Staff Question of the Week

Hello, hello! Time to meet the staff again!

So last week, we had fun getting to learn some of the favorite memories of our staff! They have some fun  memories, right?

So this week,  I thought it would be fun to ask them about high school. I know it’s not dog related, but it still might be fun to get to know their answers! I asked them what they were in high school…jock, cheerleader, nerd? What were you?


Bethany says: I was homeschooled, but in high school I was I guess you’d say an equestrian. Barn rat if you will…all I did was hang out at the barn and ride my quarter horse Charles. Some of my best memories.
One time I had hopped on a friends draft cross, Ivy, and it just so happened one of the guys who lived on the property was out watching, and he was actually a former registered pedophile.
A storm was rolling in and Ivy started to get nervous and spooked so I just quickly hopped down, but much to my horror my shirt had gotten caught on the horn of the saddle and there I stood in front of that man with my shirt stuck to the saddle…pretty sure he got quite the view!

Ginina says: I was a drama geek (& thespian, thank you very much!). Funny story: I forgot my line in a 1 act play I was in and just sat there on stage staring at the audience until the curtain closed. It wasn’t funny at the time, but I think back now and wonder how silly I must’ve looked! (Yikes! At least she didn’t freeze onstage in the middle of the play!)

Hailey says: I wasn’t really anything in high school. I had a handful of friends and I was in a few honors classes, but I never really clicked in anywhere besides the creative writing club. I have a lot of fun memories in that club. One funny story I remember is when my friend and I were sitting in the hall for lunch–no one ever ate in the cafeteria at my school– and we watched this kid trip suddenly and fell down the stairs. We just looked at each other and bust out laughing, all the while asking him if he was okay. It was funny because, being myself a clumsy person, watching someone else trip was a remind of how funny it was for my friend to watch me fall! Lots of fun memories!

Megan says: I was a jock for sure. Soccer, basketball, track, street hockey…you name it. But I didn’t hang out with the jock crowd. I had a group of friends that didn’t fit in a category. One fun thing we did in the summer evenings was play basketball outside until it got dark, then we would play flashlight tag in the park, and then go for midnight doughnut runs.


Shelby says: I was also homeschooled haha but I spent a lot of my time dancing. One year during my dance recital, my skirt slid down to my knees and I had to continue the dance with it like that the whole time. Thankfully I had a leotard on but it was not my classiest moment!

Tabatha says:  I guess I was sort of all over the place I was a nerd who played pc games, but was also the rebellious rocker emo girl.
Funny story: I used to go to an After School Matters art program for wood working and would take the train downtown to Millennium Park where it was near. I’d listen to my iPod and just walk the rest of the way. One day during winter, there was a bunch of snow and some ice hidden under. I wore the worst winter clothes because a fashion statement of “I don’t care” was key lol. So, of course I’m just casually walking and I slipped and fell in front of a bunch of people in one of the busiest parts of downtown Chicago. So embarrassing!


Well, they do say that high school is the best and worst time of your life!

What are your answers! Comment below and tell us some of your most embarrassing high school stories!

Have a Pawsome days!



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