Pawsome Pup(s) of the Week!

Hello! So, we have two pawsome pups this week! Sister Ruby Mae Challah and her older sister, Ceci! Ruby Mae was one of the Royal Carbs puppies, Her Royal Highness Challah! She was recently adopted and her new parents absolutely adore her! And so does Ceci!

These two adorable sisters love to play and snuggle together! Most nights while they were here, they were piled up on the couch next to us and cuddling together. Ceci is so patient and gentle with Ruby Mae and loves to run around with her!

Ruby Mae is one of the cuddliest little puppies and during naptime she would always be curled up on one of our laps or with her sister! She loves to play with squeaker toys and speed around the living room. She is the sweetest little girl and we were so excited to have her back with us for a few days! (We already miss them!)

Ceci, when she isn’t playing with her sister, is a crazy, energetic, fast, and cuddly sweetheart! She loves to play chase with the bigger dogs and play with toys.

The fun part about having these two sisters with us is the fact they Ruby Mae is basically a little mini-me of Ceci, besides the ears. Ruby Mae has the beagle hang down, velvety ears while Ceci has stick up, pointed ears(that are very expressive!)

We loved having these cutie pies with us for five days and we can’t wait to see them again soon!



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