Staff Question of the Week

As you well know, everyone here at the Beagle Bed and Breakfast loves animals. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t! We all have different types of pets and we want you to meet some of them!

Bethany: I have 3 female guinea pigs. Tina (American smooth haired) Louise (Marble crested) and Clementine (American smooth haired) and my mare, Zing who was seized as a neglect case in 2012. She is an Appendix which is half thoroughbred half quarter horse. I literally have no funny stories of them because of 4 of them stand around and eat 24/7. I love my fur babies because:
1. They have been extremely therapeutic as I struggled a lot finding who I was as an individual when my sister moved out (we were very close and I took it hard)
2. They always bring a smile to my face.

Ginina: I have a geriatric household. A 16 yr old beagle, Dexter; a 12 yr old lab mix, Franklyn; & a 15 yr old cat, Millie (in terms of people yrs, I’m the youngest…can you imagine??) Dexter and Franklyn absolutely adore each other. Dexter grooms Franklyn every night. Franklyn has a funny sound he makes when he’s happy, almost like he’s purring. He does it when I scratch his ears. I love both of these dogs b/c I think, if I were a dog, I’d be a shy beagle, scared of his own shadow, like Dexter was when we 1st adopted him when he was 2. Dexter and my son grew up together. Or, I’d be a neurotic mamma’s boy (or girl as the case may be), like Franklyn. Millie is definitely the level headed 1 of the bunch. She’s always purring and loves attention, but not in a demanding manner as I’ve seen from other felines. Dexter and Millie hold special places in my heart because they helped me raise my son, Zachary, from the age of 6 and he’s 23 now. Of course, we’ve had Franklyn since he was 6weeks old, which is also very special.

Hailey and Megan: We have four beagles named Kiwi, Clover, Darcie, and Dobby. Dobby is owned by Hailey, but she is staying with her second mommy while Hailey finishes school(since she has no money or place for her!)  All four are tri-color, female, small Beagles. Beagles are like us: stubborn, loving, cuddly, food-motivated, and occasionally loud.

Shelby: I have 3 Chihuahuas and I feed about 10 outdoor cats, but technically only one of them is mine lol.
Tulip is my first born. She is a tan short haired Chihuahua. She is the sweetest little girl in the world and she loves to snuggle.
Chip is my only son. He is a black and white short haired Chihuahua. He is the most handsomest boy. He loves to bring me a surprise every time I come home (either a toy or a random piece of fuzz on the floor lol).
Violet is my youngest. She is a black and brown short haired Chihuahua. We call her a little jumping bean. She has no fear of heights and doesn’t let her size hold her back.
Bella is the only cat that is officially mine. She is grey and white and she loves to explore and share her food with all of the other cats

Tabatha:  have 3 boys.
Zeus, an American Pit bull Terrier. Polu, a Catahoula  and Dudley a long haired Chihuahua. I love them for so many reasons. One being that they keep me balanced. They drive me absolutely nuts but they fill me with so much love and cuddles, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
Funny stories:
-Zeus’ ball would get stuck under my old entertainment center and he would lay like a frog in front of it and stare at my reflection through the glass doors and whine and grumble to get my attention to get it for him lol.
– Polu gets the butt to the ground zoomies, my boyfriend and I like to yell “He’s gone wild! We’ve lost him!”
-Dudley scares both Zeus and Polu which alone is just hilarious haha.


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