Pawsome Pup of the Week


Hello! It’s that time again! The winner of the Pawsome Pup of the Week is….Pippa!

Pippa is about eight months old and was adopted by two loving parents when she was a little puppy. She looks like she’s a mix with a beagle and a dachshund! She was super little when she was a little girl, but she got longer and longer so that we have taken to calling her Slinky Dog, like from Toy Story!

Pippa is a very playful little puppy, but she can also be very lazy and cuddly at night. She loves to run around the backyard or sleep, depending on her mood.

Pippa, or Pippi Longstocking as we nicknamed her, is a very sweet girl and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our Beagle Bed and Breakfast family! Just looking at her sweet face makes you want to smile!

Congratulations, Pippa!

Have a Pawsome Day!





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