Staff Question of the Week

This week, I asked our staff what their top three favorite things about working with dogs were. We got some similar answers, but all for different reasons!

Alex:  1. PUPPY CUDDLES!!! No matter what mood I’m in when I get to work, as soon as there’s dogs jumping all over each other to say hi to me, I’m in heaven. I’ve never felt cooler than when a new dog loves me. 2. Being outside. Though it doesn’t happen as often in the winter, I love being in the sunshine. This job allows me to soak up all the vitamin D I need to function as a person, and have fun doing it! 3. Being with people (and dogs) I love. It’s nice to have a job that is both fun and challenging, and not everyone can say they work with such amazing people as I do!


Bethany:  1. THE SNUGGLES! I am just in heaven when I have four or five dogs piled up on my lap. I love it.
2. The atmosphere. I think animals in general are so therapeutic and have the capability of sensing our emotions. I literally cannot really be in a bad mood around a bunch of dogs. It’s such a huge stress reliever and always puts a smile on my face.
3. Learning opportunities. They say you learn something new every day and I believe it. Whether it’s picking up on each individual dog and how they express different emotions such as stress, aggressiveness or joy I’m always learning. Even which dog has which poop


1. Getting to sleep with a furry friend.

2. A judgement free zone.

3. Unconditional love.


Hailey: I’d have to agree that the snuggling is one of the best parts of working with dogs! I love the calming effect that they can have on you. Being at school most of the time, I try and get as much snuggles in as I can when I’m home! I also love being able to learn from those around me. They are all so knowledgeable and the love dogs so much it makes me happy to be around them. The final reason is the fact that dogs are just the absolute best! They are goofy and sweet and cuddly and they can make you laugh all the time!

Megan: 1. The funny expressions they give me.
2. That I can always count on having a warm fur-covered blanket at any time.
3. The love that they give to me constantly, unconditionally, and willingly every day.

Shelby: 1. Everyday is different. I get to work with so many different personalities and breeds. Everyday has funny moments, challenging moments, loving moments, and learning moments that make everyday special!
2. The snuggles of course! Snuggle time is my favorite and always makes me so happy!
3. Getting to watch all of the dogs different journeys. Seeing the puppies grow, the fosters finding loving family’s, and the dogs that start out shy and then end up being social butterflies and feel right at home with us!

Tabatha: 1. The excitement. Everyday is an adventure with dogs. They keep you up and on your toes most days. It’s always something new and different.
2. Watching their interactions has always been so interesting to me. How they communicate with each other. Their body language , when they want to play and when they don’t.
3. Snuggles of course. Nothing’s better then getting all the cuddles they have to offer you.
4. Bonus answer, how rewarding it is. To see how you’ve helped them either adjust to being apart of the group or break out of their shell. Or when you’ve been working on some obedience training and they get what your asking. It’s the best.

Dogs really are the best part of the world! They can make you laugh and their unconditional love never goes away! We are so blessed to get to work with dogs every day!

Have a Pawsome Day!



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