Happy Birthday, Kiwi!

It’s our girl, Kiwi’s, birthday today! Nine years ago, the cutest, craziest, sweetest, snobbiest little puppy was born and we couldn’t be more lucky than to have Kiwi in our family!

When Kiwi was a puppy, she was extremely naughty! She would chew the banisters, ate batteries, chewed the Christmas lights, and other very naughty, puppyish things! One of my favorite stories was when my grandma was watching her one day and she stole her slipper and ran around the house, making my grandma chase her. My grandma couldn’t remember her name, so she was just yelling ,” Fruit! Come back here, Fruit!”

As she got older, she calmed down, but she is still very playful. She is simultaneously crazy or sleepy. She likes to go bed early and she is trained to be a therapy dog!

Kiwi is also very smart and she has figured out that she 1. gets a dentastick every morning and 2. sometimes she can trick us by staring at one of us, even if she has already gotten her treat.

We are so very lucky to have Kiwi in our lives and we love her. We joke around that when she is cuddly, we are ‘blessed’ by her!

Happy 9th birthday Kiwi! You are truly a special girl!


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