Beagle Bed & Breakfast provides a safe, supervised place for dogs to run, play, nap and socialize with other dogs in our home setting. Our indoor and outdoor play areas are designed to help all the dogs feel comfortable.  We provide a wonderful home away from home for those dogs in need of a vacation spot while their family is away as well as weekday daycare services.  Your dogs can play and socialize while you’re away from home on travel or work.  They will come home happy and tired!  We always strive to make our visiting dogs as comfortable as possible by keeping to consistent schedules.  Families can check in on their dog through our webcams as well as see daily pictures and videos up on our Facebook page. This blog is to serve for wonderful information concerning contests, prizes, and any business information that is available!

Our owner, Megan Purtell and her daughter, Hailey, have four resident beagles: Kiwi, Clover, Darcie and Dobby. Megan been caring for dogs since she was a kid, including fostering over 75 rescue dogs for local dog rescues in the DC Area.  We love to have our four-legged fur buddies around and have welcomed hundreds of boarding dogs to play in our home.  We will not only provide love, care and a healthy environment for your visiting dog, but will also provide structure and proper handling by using positive reinforcement techniques.

This is a vacation for your dog, so let’s have some fun!