Meet Our Staff!

staff 2Meet your staff!

Megan Purtell- Owner and Dog Caretaker

Bethany Garcia-Caretaker

Ginina Miotto- Dog Caretaker

Shelby Lee- Dog Caretaker

Tabatha Vassar- Dog Caretaker

Hailey Skelley- Seasonal Dog Caretaker and Blogger

Alex Harrington- Seasonal Dog Caretaker


Staff Question of the Week!

What is your absolute favorite thing about working at Beagle Bed and Breakfast?

Shelby says:

”  My favorite thing about working at BB&B is the family atmosphere. We all truly care about each other and each one of the dogs (even when they are little stinkers lol). Getting to learn all of the dogs different personalities makes everyday fun and different. It’s just a loving, caring, and fun environment to be in and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Bethany says:

“My favorite thing about working at BB&B is how much we learn (or at least me) everyday about the dogs and reading their body language/signs. I love all the different breeds we get to interact with .
I also feel very close with everyone and really enjoy my time there.
And also Megan Purtell is the bomb diggity! I was nervous when I first came because I have had very negative past experiences with managers/bosses – don’t ever work on a horse farm lol.
It feels more like a puppy party than it does a job!”

Tabatha says:

My favorite thing is the time we have with the dogs on a more personal level. They get to have fun in a nurturing environment and are constantly being loved. I love my coworkers!! We get along, we do our jobs, we love the dogs and it shows. I love that dog behavior and communication are acknowledged and taught, because it is THE most important tool when being around dogs. I’ve worked in a lot of different daycare and boarding facilities and this is by far the warmest and coziest environment lol. For a few hours everyday it feels like being at home with our own pets, enjoying the weather. Absolutely Love it.”

Our Wonderful Staff!




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