Staff Question of the Week

Hello, hello! Time to meet the staff again! So last week, we had fun getting to learn some of the favorite memories of our staff! They have some fun  memories, right? So this week,  I thought it would be fun to ask them about high school. I know it's not dog related, but it still … Continue reading Staff Question of the Week


Pawsome Pup of the Week

Good Morning! Guess what, it's Friday! Time to lay in bed and nap all day tomorrow, right? No? Fine! Well, Friday also mean--cue drum roll--the Pawsome Pup of the Week! And the winner is--drum roll gets louder--Hugo! Hugo is a big, crazy lover who loves to run and around and chew...not chase....chew tennis balls. He … Continue reading Pawsome Pup of the Week

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all the dogs (and humans) who were born in January! Here's a pup to help celebrate you! We hope that you have a wonderful year and that every wish you make comes true (yes, even the wishes about bones!) Here is a list of all our January birthdays! Finn                                                Zero                                     Tucker Ruby                                               Stark                                     Brady … Continue reading Happy Birthday!